Tim Skeet

International Capital Markets Association, Senior Advisor

Tim Skeet has worked in the City of London for over three decades and has specialised in the funding of financial institutions and mortgages. He is a frequent contributor to the media and a speaker at conferences and industry events. Over the past year Tim has published a number of articles on subjects such as trading and market liquidity, the impact of the bail-in regime as a solution for failing banks, hiring humanities graduates into the banking industry and the future of banking following the crisis.

Tim has spent over half his career working for Wall Street banks and played a role in trying to introduce covered bond finance to the United States. His current employment is as a Managing Director at RBS with responsibility for covered bonds and Northern Europe debt capital markets origination. He is also a board member of the International Capital Market Association, a global trade association that promotes the smooth running of the debt markets in Europe and elsewhere.

As chairman of the Investor Working Group on Bail-in, Tim works closely with investors and regulators in Europe examining the mechanisms for dealing with bank failures in future.