Marianne Sullivan

Optim, X Advisors, Inc. Founder and Chief Strategy Consultant

Marianne Sullivan was Fannie Mae's Senior Vice President for Single-Family Business Capabilities. Reporting to the head of Single- Family Mortgage Business,  Sullivan was responsible for developing Fannie Mae’s Single-Family business capabilities strategy and execution. She led industry-wide innovation initiatives to streamline and automate key mortgage origination processes and tools including developing Collateral Underwriter™ and income and asset verification tools. Previously she has led the loan quality initiative, was the Single-Famly Credit Risk Officer and managed various credit management areas of the company.

Sullivan has more than 20 years of experience in mortgage banking and mortgage finance in Fannie Mae’s Finance, Multifamily, Credit, and Single-Family divisions. Prior to joining Fannie Mae in 1992, Sullivan was an Audit Manager at KPMG, with responsibility for supervising client relations and reviewing, researching, and auditing financial information for clients.

Sullivan has a bachelor of science in business administration from Georgetown University.