AmeriCatalyst 2017: CTRL+ALT+DEL?

By popular demand, we're pleased to announce the 15th anniversary of the annual AMERICATALYST event, which will be held September 6-8 at the Omni Barton Creek in Austin, Texas.


Over the past 15 years, the original EUROCATALYST event and today’s AMERICATALYST and RENTING, THE FUTURE events have become an icon in the global housing finance industry and Single-Family Rental sector.

The one-of-a-kind event is based on its purpose to improve the products, processes, practices of the housing finance industry and SFR sector by focusing discussions on the larger and most significant issues that impact the industry and how to anticipate and navigate through those issues. As a senior level, peer-to-peer think tank, we create original, meaningful and intellectually challenging content with interesting combinations of the most bold and brilliant speakers from within and outside of the industry. All participants are engaged in a lively and interactive dialogue of questions, thoughts and ideas with each other - and the stage. We are renowned for our track record of predicting the most important issues in the industry long before they have happened, introducing original ideas and re-framing discussions that have become industry standards all over the world. This is why our distinguished alumni say, “I don’t have to attend AMERICATALYST, it’s the only event I want to be part of. I actually learn something.”


Building upon last year’s theme “FAST FORWARD: What Happens Next,“ the theme of AmeriCatalyst 2017 is “CTRL+ALT+DEL”. Intended as a double entendre, the most obvious interpretation is in reference to the growing anti-globalization populist and isolationist movements of the western world and desire to “re-set” national dominance. The other interpretation is the status of this year being our final event in this series. Our content is focused is on the most prominent issues and threats that the housing market will face, and where it should focus on a horizon of the next five to ten years.

AMERICATALYST 2017 comprises two events held over two days. Together, they encompass the entire housing ecosystem. Participants in both events are limited to 400 senior executives on an invitation-only basis.

Thursday, September 7 begins with AMERICATALYST 2017: CTRL+ALT+DEL,

Which is focused on the housing finance lifecycle. Participants include senior executives from all key sectors of the primary and secondary mortgage market lifecycle, the regulators who oversee its functionality and stability, and the investors who provide its liquidity. Specifically, regulators (SEC, Federal Reserve, Treasury, CFPB, FHFA); GSEs; NGOs, sovereign wealth funds; institutional investors; investment banks; private equity and hedge funds; banks; mortgage REITs; mortgage originators and servicers; insurers; risk managers; influential economists; data providers; technology providers; research analysts; non-profits; academics, and think tanks. While most speakers and participants play key roles in the housing industry, we frequently invite influential authors and interesting executives from outside of the industry as well.

Friday, September 8 continues as AMERICATALYST 2017: RENTING, THE FUTURE,

Which is focused on residential real estate and Single-Family Rental. Participants include those listed above, as well as Single-Family REITS and equity investors; multi-family operators; real estate developers; Single Family owner/operators; online enterprise real estate platforms; Note buyers; specialized technology providers; non-profits and “blue chip” service providers.

2017 Event Narrative

Thursday, September 7 | AMERICATALYST 2017: CTRL+ALT+DEL | 8:00am to 6:30pm

CTRL+ALT+DEL: The Empire Strikes Back, sets the stage for this year’s event, discussing the populist revolt against globalization around the world; the shift of global leadership away from the U.S. and how that is changing the flow of capital into the U.S. market; how Central Banks are continuing to manage the aftereffects of a slowing global economy and current and projected Federal Reserve policy with regard to the disposition of MBS portfolios, where interest rates are heading and how higher interest rates will impact the housing market.

Nationstar Chairman JAY BRAY and Freedom Mortgage CEO STAN MIDDLEMAN share their views on the direction of the market and their predictions on the future of mortgage origination and servicing.

CHRIS WHALEN then kicks off the heart of the day’s session with a presentation on “Housing in the Age of Mobility”

LAURIE GOODMAN then provides the data and facts on where the US Housing Market currently stands, with commentary on the greatest issues facing the market and hurdles to overcome.

UNDERWRITING THE US HOUSING MARKET, A TWO PART SESSION. And here’s what matters most when talking about how globalization has already changed the fundamental nature of homeownership and its projected trajectory.

PART 1 of the session takes basic, fundamental mortgage underwriting criteria and applies it on a socioeconomic and macro level. In looking at the capacity and credit of current and aspiring homeowners today and in the future, we will provide the facts, data and discussion on the following topics:


  • The future of work and the “gig” economy;
  • Job obsolescence due to offshoring, outsourcing, technology (including robotics and AI);
  • The state of wages and their stagnation and decline;
  • Income and wealth inequality, and how the vanishing middle class is creating a vacuum in the heart of the housing market

Credit and Assets.

  • Cash reserves, savings, and overall household leverage and mobility
  • Student loan debt, credit card and auto debt
  • Medical debt and the impact of potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act on the housing market


PART 2 features industry leaders responding to these issues and how the market must (and will be forced to) change based on these current dynamics, including fundamental underwriting criteria and requirements for income and assets, rethinking mortgage insurance; creating new mortgage products to get future homeowners into a home, servicing issues, and regulatory changes to provide the flexibility for lenders to respond to a market that is essentially a moving target.

HOUSING INDUSTRY TECHNOLOGY: WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG? Although we have the latest technology available to streamline the industry, it has taken our industry longer than usual to implement it. This session looks at the most significant innovations in the use of technology in the housing industry, and focuses on a particular topic – “What will it take to do a 10-day close” to illustrate the complexities and related challenges (and risks) to implementing new technology in an industry with such outdated processes, products, practices, and infrastructure.

THIS WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING, REDUX: CRYPTOCURRENCIES AND BLOCKCHAIN. The title refers to our earlier session on blockchain in 2015, when almost 90% of our audience had no idea of what blockchain was, much less its promise to revolutionize the industry. This year, we hope we’re all on the same page because truly, crypto-currencies and blockchain will change everything.

EIGHT YEARS OF MAGICAL THINKING: THE ANNUAL CHAMPAGNE DEBATE. The day ends with our renowned (and sometimes raucous) Champagne Debate, which discusses whether or not the current form and structure of the housing market is prepared for the changes posed by a globalized world and in particular, discusses whether or not the market needs essentially four GSEs based on their current functions – and what it would take to bring the GSEs into the 21st century.

6:30pm – 7:30pm: Closing cocktail party for CTRL+ALT+DEL, and opening party for