In 2001, we created a very unique, annual, senior level, invitation-only peer-to-peer think tank that brought together 350 of the most important leaders from equally important institutions involved in housing finance and related investments to challenge and debate the evolution of the housing ecosystem in the context of globalization.

To create an atmosphere of inclusion and exclusivity, we limited participation to 350 people. We gave it purpose, which was and is to introduce new ideas and dramatically raise the caliber of content, research, analysis and debate in order to set strategies based not only on what was happening in the present, but more importantly, what would happen next in the market. We widened the scope of traditional conferences to encompass global macroeconomic issues, to show how inextricably wed capital markets had become and how that affected capital flows and the health of mortgage markets.

 For 2015, in emphasizing housing as an ecosystem as opposed to specific sectors, we folded  Renting The Future, our annual Single-Family Rental gathering, under the AMERICATALYST umbrella and created a program that combined the leading players from housing finance, Single-Family Rental, and residential real estate in each session. It has never been done before, thus the challenge is to create a program that makes each session relevant and compelling to all three constituents.

 AMERICATALYST 2015 | RUBICON: No Turning Back, was held from September 27 – 29 at the Austin Hilton in downtown Austin, Texas.  Rubicon, a metaphor that derives from the actual crossing of the Rubicon river in Italy by the army of Julius Caesar, designated the commitment to a strategy and consequences of a point of no return.

Through this event, we continue to stress the need for everyone - at every level of our industry - to understand the bigger picture in which our industry functions, to become aware of the forces that drive the opportunity ahead of us, and to prepare for the change, transformation and volatility that threatens our success and survival.

This is why AMERICATALYST focuses on what happens next and how it will impact the entire industry ecosystem - rather than on the past and present issues of which we are all already aware.

The annual AMERICATALYST conference brings the most important figures in housing finance and real estate to Austin to address the biggest challenges facing our industry. Presenting new research, provocative opinions and fresh ideas, they do more than just debate the issues. They help move the industry toward viable solutions.