2014 marked the 13th anniversary of the original EUROCATALYST, and since 2009, AMERICATALYST conference, which focuses on the inter-related dynamics of the housing finance lifecycle in the wider context of globalization.

2014 also marked the third year of presenting RENTING THE FUTURE, which is focused on shaping the viability and supporting the sustainability of the Single-Family Rental sector. From 2014 forward, both events will be presented as AMERICATALYST in two parts: The first day and a half is dedicated to housing finance, and the second half and third day is dedicated to Single-Family Rental.

Together, the entire event provided a comprehensive view of the entire residential housing lifecycle.

TIGHTROPE: Rebalancing Housing Finance (Sept. 7-9)

Each year’s program is written as a story that captures the most significant current events and their meaning. Each session is a chapter in that story, as told by industry players and experts most relevant to it. Our underlying narrative is the impact of globalization, which layers more color and complexity onto each topic and ultimately leads to a better understanding of the bigger picture.

TIGHTROPE followed closely on the previous themes of THE ENTANGLEMENT (2012), which focused on the global shift from independence to interdependence in all aspects of our industry (as well as everything else that matters); and RORSCHACH (2013), which addressed increasing confusion and lack of consensus among experts regarding what was actually happening in the market.

In 2014, the lack of clarity and consensus on the market’s status and direction had never been greater. One thing, however, is very clear:  Something quite profound, and frankly, quite ominous, was happening. We were all walking a very thin line across an industry that is entirely up in the air. Our program in 2014 was designed to give you facts, ideas, insight and access to reach solid ground.

RENTING, THE FUTURE: Advancing Single-Family Rental (Sept. 9-10)

When we added sessions on Single-Family Rental to the AMERICATALYST event in 2012, we deliberately used a strongly editorialized title with a dual meaning, RENTING THE FUTURE.

In 2012 and 2013, the title had referred to a future that will continue to exist much longer than anyone expects. In its earliest stages, “REO-to-Rental” was primarily perceived as a trade on house price appreciation, and very few expected it to thrive as a viable sector (much less an asset class) beyond the wind-down of the shadow REO inventory and distressed house prices.  Along with the early pioneers of the sector, we believed otherwise.

Starting in 2014, we editorialized the event title even further, adding a comma to RENTING, THE FUTURE. Given the topics to be discussed in TIGHTROPE sessions, and consistent onstage predictions in 2013, we envisioned a strong and accelerating decline in homeownership moving forward, leaving rental as the only viable housing option for what will become the majority of Americans.

As such, the professionalization of Single-Family operators and the establishment of SFR as a viable asset class is crucial not only as a profitable endeavor for investment, jobs and growth, but for socio-economic stability as well. With so much at stake, those in the sector have a tremendous ethical, social, and fiscal responsibility to get it right. Our program in 2014 looked not only at what was currently happening in the SFR market, but why it was happening and what it means for everyone involved in the sector, as well as those dependent upon its success.

We provided three participation options for AmeriCatalyst 2014:

  • * For those interested in the entire housing and finance lifecycle, participate in the entire event (from September 7-10)
  • * For those interested in housing finance only, participate in AmeriCatalyst 2014: TIGHTROPE (September 7 - 9)
  • * For those interested in Single-Family Rental only, participate in AmeriCatalyst 2014: RENTING, THE FUTURE (September 9 - 10)

Renowned for our unparalleled content and powerhouse of participants, AmeriCatalyst is considered the most influential and intellectually challenging conference experience in the industry.