In light of significant signs of industry-wide and economic recovery, we used the working title, "Turning Point," as the theme for AmeriCatalyst 2013, which took place Sept. 29-Oct. 1 , 2013, in Austin, Texas.

Each year's theme provides crucial context to the program narrative. The theme must be relevant to the entire ecosystem of housing finance, from global macroeconomics to politics to each sector of the mortgage life cycle, capturing what is happening right now, and commenting on what happens next.

In many ways, it did appear that the worst was behind us. However, in the dynamic evolution of creating the program for 2013, we found that "Turning Point" didn't quite capture what is really happening in the world around us, and in our industry. And so, the editorial theme and narrative for the 2012 event was "RORSCHACH."

AmeriCatalyst Ginnie Mae Issuer and Investor Symposium

 The AmeriCatalyst Ginnie Mae Issuer and Investor Symposium took place Sept. 30, 2013, during AmeriCatalyst 2013 in Austin, Texas, and featured in-depth information and updates on Ginnie current growth, policies and programs. In a discussion among senior Ginnie Mae executives, research analysts, issuers and investors, topics covered included an overview of market dynamics in which Ginnie Mae operates and prospects for growth; significantly enhanced efforts to provide transparency to the market including the release of loan-level data; the new Ginnie III program; relative value in Ginnie Mae securities including relative prices and prepayments; issuers on potential changes and indemnification and buyout policies, among other relevant topics. The invitation-only audience was limited to 120 senior level issuers and investors, ensuring a high-caliber audience and discussion in an intimate and accessible atmosphere.