Distressed Servicing 2009 was held in November 16-17, 2009, as EuroCatalyst’s first gathering in the United States. The event was a huge success and marked the eighth installment of EuroCatalyst’s groundbreaking dialogue that began in 2002 to discuss the evolution of housing finance in the context of globalization.

Our program laid out a structure of topics that addressed issues from a global perspective and across all industry sectors.  The role of servicing and mortgage administration was placed at the center of the mortgage lifecycle, and as the program unfolded, it became obvious why we view these activities as the axis around which the credit cycle revolves.

The discussion in 2009 picked up from where we left off in Madrid in 2007 and London in 2008, offering three perspectives on the fate and future of servicing in the current crisis.

We were often asked why we chose to name the event “Distressed Servicing.”  And our answer was that regardless of where you stood in this epic struggle of capital Darwinism – taxpayer, consumer, lender, regulator, investor or anything in between – we were all servicers now.