2007 | EUROCATALYST: Burning Down the House / Quemando la casa

From our powerful opening keynote, “From the sub-prime to the ridiculous,” delivered  by Pat Butler, head of the European financial services practice for  McKinsey & Co., to the rousing final session on emerging markets,  featuring the frank and honest interpretation of the current situation  in Russia by Igor Kouzin, chairman of DeltaCredit, EuroCatalyst 2007  presented some of the top representatives of global mortgage markets in  an open discussion on where we all stand and how we’re going to move  forward. A 5-star alumni cast of individuals celebrated their attendance at  all five EuroCatalyst annual gatherings, from Madrid in 2002 to Lisbon  in 2003, Berlin in 2004, Rome in 2005 and Madrid in 2007. For five years we educated and warned about the risks and rewards of  rapid mortgage market growth in the global marketplace. As market  conditions bore out the points we made over the years, we dedicated the  Madrid event to the bigger picture of the shadow banking system and how  it would impact each and every player in every market sector moving  forward. With no media in attendance, it was a rare occasion to get those  impacted by the current crisis together to look for recovery and  solutions.