2005 | EuroCatalyst: Risk, relationships, and reward in European mortgage markets

The annual peer-to-peer platform/think-tank for dialog on the commercial realities facing Europe’s mortgage lending markets in the context of globalisation took place over three days at the end of September 2005 and explored the theme of "risk, relationships, and reward" in the pursuit of improved capabilities to help stabilize and  accelerate deal flow and new market entry in European mortgage markets.EuroCatalyst hit the ground running with a program that featured the strategic issues facing all players across Europe in an increasingly competitive marketplace showing warning signs of a global market slowdown.

Continuing to study Europe’s mortgage markets in the context of globalization, we opened EuroCatalyst 2005 with a day-long focus on Italy, covering topics and participants on both the primary and the secondary side of the market, with the assistance of the Italian Banking Association (ABI). Days 2 and 3 covered pan-European issues, from the latest efforts by the European Commission to identify barriers to single-market integration to housing prices, covered bonds, concerns over funding (in)efficiencies, and nonperforming loans.National and regional markets in the spotlight included the UK, Germany, Spain, the Nordic region, the Netherlands, and Central and Eastern Europe.