Shirley Jackson is a EuroCatalyst partner and its chief creative officer, responsible for the branding and staging of EuroCatalyst’s European endeavors after joining the firm in the Netherlands in 2002, after 30 years in the news industry in  Asia. When EuroCatalyst launched its U.S. sister company, AmeriCatalyst LLC, in Austin in 2010, Shirley chose to come along for the ride, taking up the role of Chief Creative at AmeriCatalyst, and ensuring she would be closer to her family in Vancouver, BC.   

News is Shirley’s passion, with an additional zeal for data and information in any form, digital or analogue. She  was deputy managing editor and head of electronic media for The Japan Times in Tokyo, where she held a variety of positions including head of business and politics desk, responsible for the foreign and domestic news desks, and head of international and domestic news weeklys.  She was immortalised (and mortified) as "Sophie, the newsroom ringleader" in the 1994 book "About Face," a sociological examination of business, politics and life in Japan.  

Shirley studied Middle Eastern Politics at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.,  and graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Political Science with a focus on Asian and Japanese history.   She earned a graduate degree in International Relations, specializing in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, from Carlton University in Ottawa, Canada.

A talented and accomplished musician, Shirley debuted as conductor of O Solo MIO (The Mortgage Industry Orchestra), featured in the "EuroCML No-Talent Show", which premiered in London in Spring 2003.