Francis Lobo

Cooper Labs, Executive Vice President, Chief Business & Product Officer and President

Francis Lobo is Executive VP, Chief Business & Product Officer at Cooper Labs, Where he oversee the organization's digital strategy and product development. Francis is also responsible for the execution of the Mr. Cooper's vision to introduce a digitally-driven customer focused experience, including the launch of new products such as the recently announced Mr. Cooper with Home Intelligence mobile app. New products, like the Mr. Cooper with Home Intelligence app, developed out of Francis' team will be designed to not only positively impact the homeownership experience but also to drive value for the business by increasing customer recapture and new customer acquisitions.
Francis was previously Chief Revenue Officer at WeWork Cos., Inc., Chairman & President at Classmates, Inc., President, Chief Executive Officer & Director at United Online, Inc., President of Memory Lane, Inc. and President for Cooper Laboratories, Inc. He  received an MBA from Loyola University of Chicago and an undergraduate degree from St. Joseph's College At Bangalore University.