Idea Lab

The AmeriCatalyst Idea Lab,

an extension of work begun by AmeriCatalyst LLC,

is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank

for the global housing and housing finance industry.



  1. To create, aggregate and evaluate the most viable ideas and proposals to remediate the U.S. housing crisis and promote the long-term sustainability of the housing market, and
  2. To generate collaborative research on the impact of globalization on critical areas of housing and housing finance, and educate the industry on its impact, and
  3. To facilitate a balanced forum for policy makers, regulators, representatives from key sectors of the housing and finance industries, academia, other think tanks and consumer advocates to discuss and act on critical issues to the housing and finance industries, and
  4. To foster values-based leadership, encouraging individuals and companies to reflect on the ideas and ideals that promote a sustainable future for the housing and finance industries, and
  5. To create and incubate focus groups, or “mini-think tanks” dedicated to addressing specific issues and/or sectors in housing and housing finance.


To fulfill our mission, our activities include:

  • Serving as an independent and neutral “clearinghouse” of ideas to assess the viability of and prioritize proposals on ways to resolve current issues impeding U.S. housing market recovery;
  • Conducting research on the impact of globalization on critical areas of housing, including rental housing and housing finance, to analyze the issues and choices facing policymakers, highlight opportunities and ways in which to capitalize on them, and anticipate problematic issues and ways to avoid those problems or mitigate their potential impact;
  • Continuing the annual AmeriCatalyst conference, quarterly seminars, and monthly webinars to share ideas, deepen knowledge, broaden perspectives and enhance the capacity to address industry issues;
  • Writing and distributing action papers which are publicly available plans to turn executable ideas into action;
  • Establishing: a library of industry best practices for all sectors of the housing and housing finance industry; policy programs, which serve as nonpartisan forums for analysis, consensus building and problem solving in critical sectors of the housing and housing finance industry;
  • Creating and hosting Focus Groups dedicated to specific sectors of the housing market, and provide direction, administration and organization for those groups under the umbrella of the AmeriCatalyst Idea Lab;
  • Providing key experts and speakers to participate in major conferences, industry meetings, television and radio interviews for the public, and provide an independent and neutral educational resource for regulators and policy makers, and
  • Facilitating a neutral dialogue between housing industry participants and consumer advocacy to equitably align incentives for all parties involved in the housing and mortgage lifecycle.